Most experienced athletes trust on ACTIVE garments for competing and performing the most demanding workouts. The best ally to reach your goals.
ACTIVE garments can have some of the following characteristics, depending on the type of garment and for which activity it is intended:

MICROFILAMENT Yarn made of microfilaments that favor the absorption and expulsion of sweating to the outside, favouring a better Transpiration, keeping the athlete’s body dry and comfortable in addition to a soft touch

ANTI-PEELING. Delays the formation of balls in the fabric with the Wash.

Quick dry


ANTIBACTERIAL Reduces bacteria from depositing on fabric

THERMAL Fabrics that keep the body of the athlete in a stable temperature range, great adaptability and perspiration, of soft touch.

FLATLOCKFlat seams and coated inside to prevent chafing..

EASY CARE.Easy ironing. Reduces wrinkles and facilitates ironing

SOFT. Soft and warm touch with the skin.

COMPRESSIVE EFFECT. Improves blood circulation and performance

SUBLIMATION. Stamping technique on white polyester fabrics that provides vivid colors and unlimited design, high durability and respects the technical properties of fabrics.


REFLECTIVE. Suitable for garments that need to increase the visibility and safety of the athlete

SEAMLESS.Seamless design on the back of the shorts that prevents abrasions of the movement in the canoe.

WINDPROOF.Prevent the wind from passing through the fabric.

 Regular.  Straight cut that provides comfort and mobility.

Fit. Semi-adjusted. Provides comfort and mobility.

Stretch. Feels like a second skin.

REVERSIBLE. Two different designs in a single double-sided garment.




UNISEX Pattern that serves both for men and women.